Come to Krapina and visit the 1st edition of the KRAPINJON festival!

Every year in early autumn, which is the most beautiful time of the year in Zagorje, the Kajkavian Culture Week begins. Its many different programs and the very existence of the Festival celebrates what is old and traditionally from Zagorje country.

Krapina festival


This year for the first time a four-day festival KRAPINJON will take place from 10th to 13th September.
Krapinjon is a unique festival in Croatia, which in creative and recreative way presents popularization of science and promotes education, cultural values and art. The idea of the festival is that every year a new topic is selected, for example: astronomy, archeology, old traditions, art, etc. This year's theme is "5 senses, perceptions and optical illusions."



The main program includes series lectures, presentations, workshops, scientific shows and similar interactive-educational and artistic form implemented by numerous associations, the students sections, individuals and fans of art and science. Accompanying events includes acoustic concerts, jam session, film screenings, creative workshops for children, "street art" - embellishing unsightly parts of the city Krapina.



Watch the festival announcement: