Bribirska glavica (Skradin)

Bribirska glavica
Bribirska glavica, an attractive archeological site, is referred to as the Croatian Troy for its mystical combination of nature and wooden buildings. Because of its strategic position, it was the central settlement of the entire region for six thousand years. An old Liburnian settlement, Roman Municipality of Varvaria or mythical Bribir under the reign of the powerful Croatian feudal ruler, Governor Pavle Šubić of Bribir – all civilizations recognized the importance of this seemingly unimportant hill.
Stroll around and find ancient sarcophagi, tanks and “ceramic refrigerators” (two meters thick Liburnian and ancient walls), remains of sacral buildings, and a rich collection of of exhibits from the prehistoric era to the late Middle Ages.



Travel Zone - Croatia, Bribirska Glavica, Dalmatia
Aerial view from Bribirska glavica (Croatia)
Bribirska Glavica
Skradin & Bribirska glavica - Dalmatia


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