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The remains of Burnum, an ancient Roman military camp, are located in the settlement of Ivoševci, about 19 km far from the Town of Knin in the direction of Kistanje.This archaeological site consists of two units. Following the road from Knin to Zadar on the left hand side two arches are situated. These are probably constituent parts of the main entrance (porticus Principia) to the Roman military camp of Burnum, colloquially referred to as Šuplja crkva (Hollow church). The Principia was the command building, administrative and religious centre of the Roman military camp. It was located on the crossroads of the two most important streets in the camp: via principalis and via praetoria. The canyon of the river Krka starts to spread out in the background of the arches. The other locality represents an amphitheatre dating from the 1st century, i.e. from the period of emperor Vespasian.



Kistanje, Burnum 2009


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