Cathedral of St. Stephen in Hvar

Cathedral of St. Stephen in Hvar
The shrine of today's cathedral is the remains of a Gothic church from the 14th century. Its 15th-century pulpit, the stone polyptychs of St. Luke and The Flagellation of Christ, as well as the late Gothic crucifix, have all been preserved. St. Stephen's is a rather unremarkable triple-aisted church with a nice 17th-century bell tower, and is a harmonious synthesis of the Renaissance, manneristic and early Baroque styles so typical of the Dalmatian architecture of the 15th and 16th centuries. The inside has quite a few late Renaissance paintings and a nice wooden 16th-century choir area.



Zvona katedrala - Hvar
St Stephens Cathedral - Hvar, Croatia
Hvar (Croatia), inside the Cathedral
Hvar Town Main Square (Pjaca) and St. Stephen's Cathedral


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