Grimani-Morosini Castle (Svetvinčenat)

Grimani-Morosini Castle
The stone castle Grimani, the best preserved castle on the peninsula of Istria and the largest Svetvinčenat building, stretches over almost the entire north side of Placa. The castle used to be the destination for tradesmen, soldiers, aristocracy guests and travel writers, and today it attracts curious passer-bys and tourists. The first fortress was built in the early 13th century, but the stormy war years resulted in destruction quite often, which implied the reconstruction and the change in the castle’s appearance. Apart from the appearance, it also changed its owners. After bishops and families Castropola and Morosini, the ownership over the castle was gained by the Grimani di San Lucas, patrician Venetian family. Its present appearance the castle took in 1589 when Marino Grimani renovated the burnt castle according to the design made by Venetian architects Scamozzi and Campagne. The castle is today one of the most beautiful Venetian buildings of that time in Istria.



dracula kaštel svetvinčenat
Firedance - Medieval festival Svetvinčenat 2013
Istra Inspirit
Kaštel Morosini Grimani - Svetvinčenat


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