Knin Fortress

Knin Fortress
The construction of the Knin fortress started in the 9th century, in the period of forming the Early Croatian Republic. Some Croatian kings had their occasional capital city in Knin, while the king Dmitar Zvonimir had the permanent one here. The fortress consists of five parts connected in-between: Donji Grad (Lower Town), Srednji Grad (Middle Town), Gornji Grad (Upper Town) or Kaštel Knin, Kaštel lab or Bandijera, and Južni Grad (South Town) or station Belveder. The fortress is located 345 m above sea level and about 100 m above the Town of Knin, it is 470 m long, and on its highest part it is 110 m wide. The defensive walls, about 2 km long, enclosing the fortress from all the sides, are high even up to 20 m at several places.



kninska tvrđava
Kninska  Tvrdjava 2013
Zvonimirovi dani.wmv
Kninska  Tvrdjava 2013
Kninska  Tvrdjava 2013


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