Oršić Castle (Gornja Stubica)

Oršić Castle
It was built in 1756 by Croatian count Krsto Oršić /English: Christopher Orshich/ (1718–1782) on the site of a previous fortress from the Middle Ages and designed in L-shaped ground plan. From the backyard side the both wings are open in arcades that follow the line of the corridor, while the outside frontage is quite simple, with rhythmically aligned windows and a few corner rustic details. After a large earthquake in the 19th century a classicist porch with a tympanum and Doric columns was added to the castle. Inside there is a well-preserved chapel with illusionistic murals and an illustrated baroque altar.



Kulturna baština: Dvorac Oršić - Gornja Stubica
Dvorac Oršić, Gornja Stubica (Oršić Castle, Gornja Stubica)


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