Rector's Palace (Dubrovnik)

Rector's Palace
All of the history of the old Dubrovnik passed through this lovely, though not luxurious palace. Moderation and simplicity, ever present in the life of old Dubrovnik, was affirmed in this building of great significance to the Republic. This simple, harmonic, Gothic- Renaissance palace appears to be too modest for the once wealthy Dubrovnik Republic. This, however, it's not surprising, as this measure of harmony without excessive lavishness was consistently present in all the spheres of life in old Dubrovnik. Like the Republic itself, this building experienced a stormy history, it was destroyed in gunpowder explosions several times and shaken on several occasions by earthquakes, however, we still stand today before its lovely façade and admire the harmony of ambience and stone, and all the artists who gave it, in its simplicity, this luxurious glow of peaceful beauty.



Rector's Palace, City Hall e Torre do Sino em Dubrovnik - Magu pelo Mundo
Rector's Palace - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Opera in Rector's Palace, Dubrovnik Rectors palace
Fencing in Rector's Palace Dubrovnik


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