Tržan Castle in Modruš

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Tržan Castle in Modruš
The Tržan Castle is a ruined medieval castle situated above the village of Modruš in the northern part of historical Lika region, central Croatia. Before the administrative seat of the former Modruš County, it is today just a ruin in the southern part of the Karlovac County. Having been built on a ridge of a steep hill (670 metres above sea level) on the eastern slopes of the Velika Kapela mountain, the castle was located on a strategic place overlooking the road that connected the Adriatic Sea and the Pannonian Basin since the ancient times, precisely the Roman towns of Senia (present-day Senj) and Siscia (present-day Sisak), and which was later, during the 18th century, reconstructed and improved under the name of Josephina road. Almost ideal position, dominating over the surrounding area, made Tržan Castle never to be conquered by anyone in its history, although the town of Modruš below the castle was plundered and burned by the Ottomans in 1493, just before the battle of Krbava Field.



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