A picturesque vineyard where grapes are grown for the famous Bakarska vodica champagne, its proximity to Risnjak National Park, Lokve, Crni Lug, Delnice as well as the ski centres Platak and Bjelolasica make Bakar an increasingly visited tourist destination. The town consists of the wonderful old town, which rises steeply along the slopes beside a Frankopan castle (16th century), and of a more modern part of the town situated along the coast. Bakar was once an important trade port, and a fishing, winegrowing, shipbuilding and maritime centre. A maritime school was opened there long ago in 1849, graduating many sailors. In the last 15 years, Bakar has resumed steps towards developing tourism to the high standards of that in the surrounding area. In its more recent past, it was a centre for tuna fishing in the northern Adriatic and the town receives many foreign visitors.



Bakar Croatia magnificient view - june 2013
Bakar Croatia magnificient view - june 2013
Bakar iz zraka - panoramski video snimljen bespilotnom letjelicom
south of Bakar, Croatia mountain goats
Bakar Mother Earth Center


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