Welcome to Buzet, the city of truffles! The unique taste of this underground mushroom has been attracting visitors for years. The white and black truffles which grow in the forests in the vicinity of Buzet are a true gastronomic delicacy. Each year, in the second week of September, a giant feast with truffles is organised in the Fountains Square. The event launches the Truffle Days in the region of Truffles. The Buzet road will bring visitors to the smallest town in the world, Hum, where they can taste the homemade mistletoe brandy “biska” and take part in a unique event – the election of a county ruler for a one year term. Various excursion sites of historical importance, such as the Glagolitic Alley, will please many of those who have an interest in history. Buzet will also satisfy the appetites of recreation lovers with various pedestrian and cycling paths. Those looking for adrenaline can try outdoor sports such as paragliding and hang-gliding.



Buzet: City of Truffles - b2b
BUZET - Old Buzet  Istra Inspirit 2013
Buzet timelapse
Paragliding Buzet 19.10.2014
Paragliding Winter Cup Buzet 2011 Task 4
A Trip through the Lands of Truffles


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A great weekend

We had a great time! We stayed at hotel Fontana for 3 days and 2 nights. It was great to visit everything, the places around Buzet, where you can find the masterpieces of nature like river Mirna, Kotli or just visit the smallest town in the world Hum. That was a great weekend and I'm absolutely sure I'll go again.