Kršan is a village and municipality located in the Eastern part of Istria, west of mountain Učka. The traces of its Glagolitic and religious heritage and old crafts are intertwined with a modern tourist offer and variety of gastronomic delights. In the mid-19th century, the Istrian divorce was found in Kršan, a medieval document about the literacy and life of Croats in this area. The Plomin church of Sv. Juraj starog (St. George the Old) hides the oldest known Glagolitic inscription – the Plomin inscription, and the Romanesque church of Sv. Kvirin (St. Quirinus) has frescoes preserved in it from the 15th century. The rich historical and cultural heritage of the Istrian village of Kršan will attract tourists who want to enjoy the historic treasures of the area they are visiting.



KRSAN - ein verlassenes Dorf in Kroatien
Općina Kršan


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