Kutina is a small town on the southern slopes of the forested hill Moslavačka gora that sits right at the edge of the valley Lonjsko polje. In Kutina you definitely must visit the Church of Sv. Marija Snježna [St. Mary of the Snow], which has one of the most beautiful baroque interiors. In the centre of the town there is a centuries old park of chestnut trees and the Moslavina Museum, which is located in the castle of the Erdody family. The beautiful house of the Pazdera family with its nicely tended yard is a not to be missed tourist attraction. The whole town is rich in greenery and forests with streams in which the happy voices of children echo. In the vicinity of Kutina, and in the town centre itself there are archaeological sites dating back to the times of the Vucedols and the Romans and medieval culture.



KUTINA -vožnja gradom
Kutina - snimke iz zraka


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