Orahovica is a medieval town with mountains, forests and streams located in Slavonia, Croatia. It is situated on the slopes of the mountain Papuk. Its south-western part shares a border with the foothills of Papuk and Krndija. In addition to its rich cultural and historical heritage, there is Ružica, a town from the 14th century - the largest preserved fortress complex in the Slavonia area, Stari grad, which has longer walls and is older than Ružica, and Orahovačko jezero (Orahovica lake) – the jewel of continental tourism. In the mountain area of Krndija, not far from Orahovica there is the famous orthodox monastery of St. Nicholas, built in 1594, and the Merkur health resort on the hill top is a sports and recreation centre. Orahovica is a wonderful combination of plains and mountains, hunting and fishing, traditional dishes and good quality wine!



Ružica grad (Orahovica)
Moje rodno mjesto - Orahovica
Orahovačko Jezero Orahovica
Orahovica :)


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