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Located in the picturesque landscape of the lower Pokuplje where the Petrinjčica flows into the Kupa, nearby Sisak is only 13 kilometres away. In the past it was a military and tourist centre of the Military Frontier in Banovina. The name of Petrinja has its roots in Latin petrus, meaning "stone". It is said that the town existed in Roman era in the area of Zrinska Gora, which is very rich in stone. Due to the centuries-old tradition of meat production, Petrinja is the home of the leading Croatian salami factory (Gavrilović factory), and is also an increasingly attractive tourist destination. Strossmayer promenade is a protected monument to park architecture with the church of Sv. Lovro [St. Lawrence] - the historical centre of town. It is a rural area with 55 villages and rich natural and historical sites of interest that offer many different things to tourists. Throughout the year numerous events are organized in the town that make it a lively city with hospitable inhabitants.



Petrinja iz zraka (Petrinja from the air) HD video
Grad Petrinja
Petrinja 2014.
Šetnja po Petrinji, veljača 2014


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Great experience in the countryside

Excellent domestic food, hospitality and natural scenery. And friendly deers wandering nearby :-) Be sure to drop by if you find yourself close to Sisak and Banovina.