Rakovica is located in a lovely position close to the Plitvice Lakes. This region offers a perfect synthesis of experiences – natural surroundings, clean air, smells, tastes, the hidden world of caves, forests, rivers, a mosaic that a visitor only has to be willing to explore. Visitors can in a fun way learn and find out more about the wonders of nature, the underground world of caves and underground rivers, enjoy hunting the many game, find out first-hand and learn from the local people about traditional arts and crafts related to their work at the mills, in the fields, along the river; Discover the Rakovica region on bike or on horseback, and enjoy the local gastronomic offers and locals accommodation. Be sure to visit the caves Baraćeve spilje, a gem which is on a par with the Plitvice Lakes.



Obnovljena naselja Općine Rakovica [2005.]


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