Skrad is one of Croatia’s gems in the heart of Gorski Kotar. It sits above a canyon that has Zeleni vir and the Vražji prolaz, surrounded by forests with wonderful views of the surrounding mountain peaks, the river Kupa and Slovenia. Zeleni vir is a powerful spring in the bottom of a cave at the foot of high cliffs through which a mountain stream flows, and Vražji prolaz is narrow gorge between the rocks through which the mountain stream penetrates. Above the river, galley ways and bridges have been cut into the live rock that leads to the cave of Muževa hiža. All this is accompanied by the roar of water... This beautiful work of nature is a true natural attraction that tourists love to visit, especially hikers. 40 km of marked cycling paths, numerous caves, beautiful views, forests and mountain meadows rich in large and small game and its surroundings make Skrad a true paradise for the body and mind!



Primorsko-goranska razglednica Skrad


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