Županja lies on the Sava river opposite Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is the site of a border-crossing bridge with the mostly Croat town of Orašje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is a town of fertile plains, unique rural architecture, surrounded by ancient oak forests, a border town that is proud of the first games of football and tennis in Croatia. One if the things that someone can see in Županja are original Slavonian customs, costumes, cultural heritage, folklore and folk creations. The people of Županja made that for centuries and all of that was later transformed into numerous events like Šokačko sijelo, harvesting and threshing, etc.

If you are a nature lover, you can take a walk down the wine, bike or any other road. You can also go on a wagon ride, come and meet the merry “snaše” and “bećare” (Slavonian girls and boys) and try some of the rich gastronomic offer.



Pharrell Williams - Happy ( Županja, Croatia )


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