Celtic night (Sisak)

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Celtic night
In Sisak, every year in the first days of September at the time of the new moon on the promenade of the River Kupa the tourist-historical spectacle Celtic night is held. It is one of the most important and most impressive tourist manifestations in the Sisak, Moslavina country. On the rafts, Sisak legends are played out, and druids and priestesses hand out a magical potion to the audience. With the light of torches and spotlights images from mysterious Sisak legends come out from the night. Celtic night shows scenes from the history of Sisak and tells a three thousand year old story of wars, rebellion, magnificent moments from the past, successes and battles won and the rises and falls of mighty empires. The people of Sisak, in this one hour show, remember how their city used to look like once. Celtic night was last year proclaimed the best tourist manifestation in continental Croatia.




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