Days of Adriatic Squid

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Days of Adriatic Squid
This gourmet manifestation, apart from presenting an additional motive for visiting North-west Istria at the time of Christmas holidays, is endeavoring to valorize remarkable squid from the Adriatic Sea, which is hunted just in winter period. It intends to raise awareness of their value in the kitchen and encourage caterers to devise new and creative recipes based on this sea food. If you want to taste savoury morsels based on Adriatic squid in combination with renowned local wines and premium olive oils, visit northwest Istria. The Days of Adriatic squid! From a cheap, almost despised foodstuff, the squids have become a favored specialty on the Adriatic coast in the past fifty years. Highly prized for their delicate taste of the sea, they are an excellent medium for all sorts of culinary combinations. They can be treated aggressively, with vinegar, chili peppers and aromatic herbs, and lightly, with only a couple of drops of lemon and a bit of chives.




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