Evenings of Dalmatian Chansons (Šibenik)

Evenings of Dalmatian Chansons
Evenings of Dalmatian Chanson were established in honour of the 700th anniversary of the Šibenik Abbey and the official proclamation of Šibenik as a city. It is divided into two evenings. The first is the evening of old musical compositions while the second is the evening of new compositions. The melodies of Dalmatia are one of the trademarks of the Adriatic Sea, reminding us of waves hitting the rocks, the sun that burns our skin and crickets tirelessly chirping their symphony of relaxation. To Dalmatian people, the song is a symbol of life, their history and tradition.

2016  - 19th Edition




022 - Pivan za tebe šansonu (uživo sa Večeri dalmatinske šansone 2013)
Klapa Brodarica - Korak , 15. VEČERI DALMATINSKE ŠANSONE - ŠIBENIK 2012


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