Gnam-Gnam Fest (Novigrad)

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Gnam-Gnam Fest
Gnam Gnam Fest is a gourmet festival that brings together a total of ten events. Each of the individual events is dedicated to one of the culinary specialties of the region. The edition of the event in September will offer the specialties of Istrian cuisine that, besides seafood, include the cuisine typical of the continental part of Istria. All of the specialties will be presented through a number of creative menus at special prices, and you will also be able to enjoy the tasting of quality wines, olive oil, cheese, prosciutto, pasta, honey and other local products.





Gnam-Gnam Fest: An Evening of Jacobs' Scallops in Novigrad
Novigrad - Gnam Gnam fest 1


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