Istra Inspirit

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Istra Inspirit
Istra Inspirit is a project of cultural tourism which revives Istrian myths and legends on authentic locations. With this living history project, visitors will be able to travel through time, through the period of castles, Roman villas, urban centres and museums, participating in Roman feasts, medieval executions, Baroque balls and visiting a coal mine. Moments of Istria’s mystical history, demonstrated by excellent actors in superb scenery, followed by a specially prepared dinner with menus from various historical periods, entertainment, dancing and interesting surprises... This is an opportunity to experience extraordinary magical adventures possible only in Istria! Join this unique revival of the spirits of Istrian history!
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Morganovo blago / Morgan's treasure
Istra Inspirit Travel through time
Istra Inspirit
BUZET - Old Buzet  Istra Inspirit 2013

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