Marunada (the chestnut festival) (Lovran)

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Marunada (the chestnut festival)
Marunada is the greatest yearly event in Lovran. Traditional gastronomic event offering assorted dishes and pastry made of famous Lovran sweet chestnuts – maruni. Here cames the name: Marunada. Because of special climate, the Lovran's chestnuts are one of the most tasteful chestnuts in the World, and this is why this event is so special. Marunada traditionally begins mid-October. During Marunada, along with an offer of roasted chestnuts, a type of mead (domestic brandy made from honey) and young wine may be consumed too. Every year, Marunada is accompanied by a series of sports and entertainment events, which visitors may participate in.

2017  - 44th Edition



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