Picokijada (Đurđevac)

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Picokijada is a cultural-tourist manifestation that has been held since 1968 in Đurđevac. The main event there is Legenda o picokima (Legend of the Rooster), a remembrance of the defense of the people of the town Đurđevac from the Turks. Towards the end of June, the folk of Đurđevac celebrate this legend by a unique outdoor stage performance. It takes place at the authentic location, where the legend actually happened, and involves hundreds of extras, cultural amateurs, horsemen and professional actors.

The display of Legenda o Picokima is under the protection of the Republic of Croatia Ministry of Culture as the first intangible cultural heritage of Republic of Croatia, as well as being the biggest tourist attraction of Podravina.





Picokijada - Glad
Legenda o picokima - Picokijada 2014
Picokijada 2010. - Legenda o Picokima
Picokijada 2011-Podravina od leta do leta.


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