Pinklecfest (Križevci)

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In Križevci, historical intersection of pathways, from October 2012. inspirational festival is held on journeys, adventure and tourism, search, departure and arrival, vagrancy and wanderings, migration and readmission. Wealth that is acquired through journeys is not material and not send-able like a package or via the TV screen, but, apart from direct experience, it is essential to experience the passion of many who have stepped into the unknown, at least through their stories and reviews, as well as encouragement and inspiration. Pinklec is the word coming from the dialect, common around Kalnik foothills, and an armful of presents, backpack, pack of the things most necessary for going away, traditionally looking for a job. In recent times, it is the symbol of the wandering, in carefree and minimalist manner, not spending much but discovering new places and true, non-consumerist adventure travel.

2015  - 4th Edition



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