Podravina Motives (Koprivnica)

Podravina Motives
Motives of Podravina are one of the biggest cultural events in this part of Europe which includes extremely attractive and special contents: naive art fair, old crafts fair, folk art, antiques fair and cuisine of the area. In three days the event is visited by thousands of guests. Naive painting is an autochthonous Croatian style, a style dealing with motifs of rural living in harmony with nature and all its beauties. It is the life of Podravina villages, wide meadows, forests and fields. This is the main reason for which, in the first weekend of July, Koprivnica transforms into a huge exhibition area dedicated exclusively to naive art. Benath the clear skies of Podravina, a hundred or so prominent painters exhibit and create their paintings, celebrating the enchanting plethora and artistic achievements of the Hlebine School of Painting.





Podravski motivi u koprivničkom parku 20.06.2015.
Podravski motivi, u Koprivnici 29.6.2013.
17.Podravski motivi


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