Porcijunkulovo (Čakovec)

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Porcijunkulovo is a traditional cultural and tourist manifestation which take place each year at the beginning of August in Čakovec. The event was founded in 1964. by the Tourist Board of Čakovec. At first presented as a “Fair of traditional crafts” closely tied to a Franciscan church holiday, the manifestation grew with each year. Today it has the status of being the biggest tourist manifestation in the county, attracting large amounts of visitors and exhibitors. The event offers numerous performances and productions, concerts end exhibitions. One of the most attractive events is the changing of the guards, the traditional Zrinski Guard, which takes place every Saturday in front of the Eagle - the monument to Nikola Zrinski. The summer of culture ends with the Fiesta of Our Lady of Angels, popularly known as Porcijunkula.

2017  - 53rd Edition




Porcijunkulovo 2014 (Teaser)


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