Spravišče (Križevci)

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Back in 1242, in front of the Tatar invaders, King Bela IV and his army found shelter within the walls of Kalnik - a burg located on the slopes of the mountain of Kalnik. The persistence of the Tatar army in trying to penetrate the walls and defeating the royal army was upset by the Kalnik villagers who sustained the brave soldiers with domestic plums. The nourishing fruit gave the King’s soldiers strength to persevere and ultimately beat off the Tatar attack. In a gesture of gratitude, King Bela IV knighted all the villagers who gave their help. The gesture angered the burghers of Križevci, and their anger persisted for years until the chance marriage of a Kalnik plum grower and a town girl. Their wedding was the crucial step in the reconciliation. The event is deemed of such significance that today, the citizens of Križevci stage it, and during this scenic presentation the keys of the town are handed over to the town magistrate, which is followed by three solid days of revelry.

2017  - 50th Edition




KUD PRIGRJE - Završni mimohod izvođača 14.6.2015 (Križevačko veliko Spravišće))
48. Križevačko veliko spravišče- Vatromet JORGE pirotehnika
48.  Križevačko spravišče
KUD PRIGORJE - Križevačko veliko Spravišče 14.06.2015


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