The Labin Art Republic

The Labin Art Republic
In July and a good part of August Labin turns into a veritable small republic of arts. Its Little Theatre, the church, the old square, streets and stairways take on the role of a stage. A variety of theatre groups and musicians come to perform on those “stages”. The sounds of “klapas”, of orchestras of classic and folklore music, and jazz bands resound through the narrow streets of Labin. In August, during the Festival of visual theatre, the musicians relinquish their places to actors. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the ambience of this town which imbues theatre with a completely new visual identity. This year's Labin Art Republic brings many cultural events in the heart of Labin's Old Town . THE SUMMER IN THE COLOURS OD COOLTURE brings more than 40 concerts, plays, exhibitions, historical spectacles in July and August.





Labin Art Republika
Labin Art Republika 2014 / LABINSKA ULIČNA ČAROLIJA
MTV - Labin Art Republika


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