Vinkovačke jeseni

Vinkovačke jeseni
Vinkovačke jeseni are a traditional folklore Festival in Vinkovci, Croatia. The Festival is considered as one of the major cultural events of the whole of Slavonia. Vinkovačke jeseni are held each year in the month of September, which is also the beginning of Autumn, after which this Festival got his name.

The first Vinkovačke jeseni where organised in September 1966. In the foreground of this Festival is the care of Folk dances, Folk clothing and Folk customs, so that traditional values from folk live of Slavonia would be kept. In the days of the Festival the audience finds out everything about the diversity of the Folklore in Slavonia. The costumes and the scenography are thematic so in that comes the beauty of shapes and colors of the garments and the sounds of tamburica and gaida to light.

2017  - 51st Edition




Kratki osvrt na svečani mimohod 49. Vinkovačkih jeseni
Svečano otvaranje 49. Vinkovačkih jeseni INTRO 19.09.2014.
Najveće kolo na svijetu, Vinkovačke jeseni 2012. godine
KUD Josip Kozarac Štitar 2. dan Folklornih večeri 49. Vinkovačke jeseni


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