Weekend Media Festival (Rovinj)

Weekend Media Festival
Weekend Media Festival is known as an event that brings together leading experts in communications and the business sector, intoduces new "movers", provides new perspectives on business, offers new solutions to real problems, teaches about new trends and gathers the necessary information from neighboring countries. There are 350 students from Croatia and the region included in the WMF, who gain valuable experience. The festival is very educational. It consists of lectures, panel discussions, presentations, promotions of new models and services, strengthening the media, marketing and economic relations, promotion of culture, information flow and maintaining relationships in the region. WMF does not have a competitive character, it is a place where you can find necessary information about our immediate neighborhood first hand, as well as news from the world of new and traditional media.
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2016  - 9th Edition




Weekend Media Festival 2011 official day 2 breakdown by Transmeet.Tv
Weekend Media Festival 2011 official day 1 breakdown by Transmeet.Tv
Weekend Media Festival 2013. - Vlog 2.1
Weekend Media Festival 2014


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Educational festival

My husband and I went to the Weekend Media Festival that is held every year in Istrian city of Rovinj. The festival is very educational, gives many useful informations for media, marketing and economy and we liked it!