Biokovo (Makarska)

This imposing mountain is by far the greatest sight of the Central Dalmatian coastline, and its only nature park. There are few places in the Mediterranean where peaks of over 1,500 metres high come so close to the sea and where mountains rise so steeply as they do here. It is the forbidding and inhospitable peaks of Biokovo that bestow an ever so welcome freshness during the heat of summer upon the coast, as well as proffering a whole range of nature’s gifts to its true lovers.



Story about Biokovo and one significant road
Sedam vrhova BIOKOVO
Park prirode Biokovo - Promo video
Biokovo - Sv. Jure Summit/Vrh - 360° FULL HD Panorama - 1762m
Makarska Biokovo
Sv.Jure  Biokovo    Hrvatska - Croatia  Park Biokovo
Sv. Ilija (1640 m) - Biokovo


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Fantastic View and Wild Drive

We drove up at the end of September which was good because there was less traffic than the summer. As the other reviews state, the road is a single lane with two way traffic and not enough pull outs.
On the way up, we met several cars being driven down too fast. Fortunately I was going slow so no paint was traded. Both up and down required backing up to a wide spot so the other car could fold in its mirror and squeeze by. One time the passengers had to get out and guide the cars through the space.
That said the views were worth the trip.