Blue Grotto (Biševo)

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Blue Grotto
The natural entrance to the cave, located on its southern side, is said to resemble a vault on the ceiling of a grotto. It is through this submarine-like opening in the ceiling of the cave that sunlight gets in and creates an iridescent blue glowing effect all around the cave. As well, a stone bar, connecting two walls of the cave, is clearly visible just below the waterline, both in above-water photographs and in underwater photos like this one.



Blue Grotto - Modra spilja, on island Bisevo, Croatia 29.05.2013.
Blue Cave, island Bisevo, Croatia
Blue Grotto / Cave (Biševo) - Croatia - shorter video
the blue grotto, bisevo
Blue Grotto / Cave (Modra špilja, Biševo) - Croatia


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