Cape Kamenjak Beach (Premantura)

Cape Kamenjak Beach
The Cape Kamenjak nature reserve is located in the south of Istria, on the Premantura Peninsula and is famous for its wonderful beaches and natural wonders. Its indented coast stretches for 30 kilometres and has numerous picturesque hidden coves and islets. The peace and quiet it offers along with its exceptionally clean sea attracts a great number of guests who spend entire days at Kamenjak. Families with children can enjoy several sandy beaches, and visitors keen on sunbathing can choose to spend their day at the beach on stone slabs. The underwater world is teeming with life, making Kamenjak a well-known diving destination, while the sea currents make its southernmost part a favourite surfing spot.



Rt Kamenjak i Safari bar
Premantura - Cape Kamenjak
Monk seal at Cape Kamenjak
Premantura 2014, Cape Kamenjak
Kamenjak Diving
Cliff Diving Croatia Premantura Kamenjak
Cape Kamenjak - Istria - Croatia
Der Südwesten Istriens - Teil 4   "Das Kap Kamenjak"


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beautiful, but in danger of becoming tacky

The beach and the place is idyllic and quiet. The view is to die for. Although, there were signs of 'cheesiness' starting to rear their ugly head, like a new souvenir shop. I hope that I I'm wrong, but it appears that this wonderful place is in danger of becoming as tacky as so many other attractions. The Safari Bar is a place you don't want to miss.

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a paradise, excellent for nature lovers

A beautiful place to visit, relax under the trees and swimm in the sea. The water is crystal clear. The nature is gorgeous, tickets to enter are cheap, and you can spend all day there. Safari Bar is a nice place to go and buy some food or drinks. What I don't like about this place are the visitors without any respect of the nature. Instead of leaving paper, plastic bags, etc. preserve the nature. It is a nice place to go, but the park control is inexistent.