Dugi Rat Beach (Brela)

Dugi Rat Beach
The Dugi Rat Beach has been highlighted on several occasions as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a natural pebble beach, about 900 metres long with a natural phenomenon - a stone in the sea. Called the "Island of Love", this piece of rock is a sign of recognition and symbol of Brela, which is a prominent Summer resort on the Makarska Riviera. The Dugi Rat Beach is located on a promontory covered with pine trees; a shady retreat from the Summer heat.



Dugi rat, Croatia
Hrvatska, Croatia, Horvátország, Makarska riviera, Brela, Dugi rat beach (punta rata)
beach - Dugi Rat, South Dalmatia, Croatia
Dugi Rat Beach Brela, Croatia
Dugi Rat - beach
beach - Dugi Rat, South Dalmatia, Croatia


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