Forest Park Golubinjak (Lokve)

Forest Park Golubinjak
Large green clearing surrounded by tall trees that rise high above the white cliffs, all in the area of ​​51 hectares, it simply takes your breath away. 24 March 1955 Golubinjak has been declared a protected forest park. In Golulbinjak, visitors can enjoy its natural beauty. At the entrance to Golubinjk there is a large meadow where there is a catering service where you can taste specialties Gorski cuisine. In order to offer the park was complete with a catering facility is a multipurpose sports court and boccia field. Golubinjak also offers rental space for grilling and a children's playground.

The Dovecot landscaped walking paths, you can see the “Queen of the Forest”, which is a giant food older than 250 years. Its height reaches 37 meters, and width is 140 cm in diameter. All the way, you see the sculpture Lokvarsko art colony. Dovecot is abundant variety of openings in the rocks of interesting shapes, such as for example the opening “A Clockwork door. There are the two caves and ice caves and Golubinja cave which is named after stock dove who dwelled in it. Ice Cave is specific in that it contains the snow and ice often remain in the summer months.For others we offer multipurpose sports court. By the tourist trail "Queen of Forests" there is "Cave Trail" which is 10.82 km long.
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