Lake Sovsko

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Lake Sovsko
Lake Sovsko represents a unique example of a natural lake in the mountain area of continental Croatia. It is situated on the North foot of mount Dilj, just beneath the main peak (Mlakino Brdo – 430m and Jurje Brdo – 471m), on 430m above sea level. The lake is in slight depression, and is surrounded on East and North-East side by Sessile Oak, Hornbeam and beech forests. The lake is covered with cane, reed, sedge and the rest of plants characteristic to swamps which gives it extra charm and pure natural beauty. The lake itself covers 3600m², and the maximal depth is 8-10m. The most interesting part is that it is presumed to be the single remaining part of the Pannonian sea, because fossilized remains of marine organisms were found in the deep parts of this lake.



Sovsko Jezero
Sovsko jezero
Sovsko jezero


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