Lokvarka Cave (Lokve)

Lokvarka Cave
Cave Lokvarka is the deepest cave in the country which has been re-opened for tourists and visitors. Due to the deterioration of infrastructure, in particular electrical installations and staircases, it has been renovated with the help of a loan from the World Bank. Lokvarka Cave was discovered in 1911. Since 1935, when electricity was introduced, and later, when the iron staircase was constructed, it has become an increasingly important part of the tourism offer of Lokve. About ten thousand people visit the cave each year. The length of the cave canal is about 1200 meters, the height difference from the entrance to the bottom is about 270 meters and temperatures range from 6.5 to 8 degrees Celsius. The entrance to the cave is located at an altitude of about 780 meters, has several galleries or levels, with four accessible to visitors. In 1961, because of its extraordinary beauty, diversity and richness of cave decorations, Lokvarka was declared a protected monument of nature and it was included in the National Ecological Network as a habitat for endemic cave animals.
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Špilja Lokvarka - Lokve - Gorski kotar - Hrvatska


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