Lokvarsko Lake (Lokve)

Lokvarsko Lake
The Lokvarsko Lake is an artificial lake covering over 2 square kms and 40 m deep that extends to the foot of Risnjak. The lake is open throughout the year for fishing, relaxing walks along its shores and, in the summer, for swimming. A note to fishermen: some of the largest trout in the world have been caught here! The lake was created by building a dam that stopped river “Lokvarka”. Works had lasted continuously from the 1952nd to 1954th year. The construction of the dam flooded the village whit 69 houses, three sawmills, candy shop, small restaurant and chapel.



Lokvarsko lake, 4play 19 cm lowrider - two meter pike takes in 15 minutes
Lokvarsko jezero.mp4
Lokvarsko jezero
Lokvarsko lake 62 cm trout- Lokvarsko jezero pastrva 62 cm


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