Motovun Forest

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Motovun Forest
The famous Motovun forest is an area of about 10 square kilometres in the valley of the river Mirna, of which 280 hectares is specially protected. This area differs completely not only from the nearby forests, but also from those of the entire surrounding karst region because of its wild life, moist soil and rich-with-prized-black-and-white truffles, which grows successfully there. Since this fungus grows underground, it is gathered with the aid of specially trained dogs. The most common tree in the forest is the English or brown oak. In order to preserve natural conditions for the development of the Motovun forest, the protected area is occasionally flooded, even though the River Mirna is controlled and its entire valley protected from flooding. On the slopes of the hill, grapes for famous Istrian wines are grown: the Teran and the Malvazija wine.



Bruno Clement in the Motovun forest, gourmet, Istria, Croatia


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