Vela Spila (Vela Luka)

Vela Spila
Vela Spila is a cave situated above the town of Vela Luka on the island of Korčula, in Croatia. It is one of the most important prehistoric archaeological localities in Europe. The cave has been mentioned in the Korčula Statute back in the 15th century. The entrance to the cave is 1 to 10 meters wide, up to 4 meters high, facing south and offering a beautiful view of a large bay, fruitful Blatsko Polje, the islands of Ošjak, Kamenjak and Proizd, as well as of more distant islands like Vis, Sušac, Sv. Andrija, Biševo and the open sea.
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Vela spila
KORČULA 2015. Vela Spila near Vela Luka


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