Dalmatinski pršut (Mataš)

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Dalmatinski pršut (Mataš)
Dalmatian prosciutto is a cured meat product, made from fresh pork ham with bone. Fresh pork ham is salted with sea salt, smoked and matured no less than 12 months. Because of its specific taste and unusual means of obtaining it is considered as one of the most original product of Croatian cuisine.

Dalmatian prosciutto "Mataš" is made from ancient times in the villages under the southern Velebit and Novigrad Sea. In local home industry, the company "MATAŠ” to preserve the gastronomic heritage, has launched the production of Dalmatian prosciutto "Mataš", as the original ecological product of their region beneath the Velebit mountain.



Dalmatinski pršut Mataš

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