Dalmatinski pršut (Voštane)

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Dalmatinski pršut (Voštane)
Dalmatian prosciutto is a cured meat product, made from fresh pork ham with bone. Fresh pork ham is salted with sea salt, smoked and matured no less than 12 months. Because of its specific taste and unusual means of obtaining it is considered as one of the most original product of Croatian cuisine.

Company Pršut Voštane d.o.o. is the producer, seller and distributor of cured meat products since 1997. It is owned by the family Babić. Village Voštane is located 970 meters above sea level on the plateau on the southern hillside of mountain Kamešnica in the eastern part of the region of Sinj. Here the company Pršut Voštane is utilizing the same harsh condition to produce premium donation cure meat delicacy. Amid the constant change of dry north wind, locally called bura, rich with a clean aerosol of mountain herbs and moisture south wind locally called jugo, the famous Dalmatian products are created.
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Pršut Voštane

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