Zagorski štrukli

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Zagorski štrukli
Zagorski Štrukli is a popular traditional Croatian dish served in households across Hrvatsko Zagorje and Zagreb regions in the north of the country, composed of dough and various types of filling which can be either cooked or baked. The preparations are the same for both cooked and baked types of štrukli. Pastry is rolled out flat and very thin, to cover the table top. A mixture of cottage cheese with eggs, sour cream and salt is spread thinly over the pastry. Then the pastry is rolled lengthwise from both sides into two joined rolls, and finally cut into 10–20 cm long pieces. For baked štrukli, the pieces are then placed into a baking tray, generously covered in clotted cream, and baked for roughly 45 minutes, until slightly brown on top. For cooked štrukli, the pieces are placed into a pot of boiling water. Onion and parsley are fried separately until slightly brown, and then added into the pot. The štrukli is then cooked for roughly 20 minutes.



ŠTRUKLIJADA: PRIPREMA ŠTRUKLI 2012 - Gornja Stubica, Zagorje

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I love it!!

If ever come to Zagorje or somewhere near Zagorje and you are offered with štrukli - try it immediately. They serve the best strukle at the cafe at Trakoscan castle in Zagorje!